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Amazon Image Format - What is the best Amazon product image ratio and dimensions for mobile and desk

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Amazon Product Image

High-quality product images build customer confidence and increase purchase rates. Images are very powerful and can make or break the success of your store. Amazon provides image ratios that sellers can follow to make it easier for them to upload their product images. The common ratios used are 1:1 and 5:1, and recently the new Amazon image format requires horizontal formatting to provide a 1:3:1 cinematic view. But what is the best Amazon product image ratio for mobile and desktop to ensure a better user experience?

Understanding Customer Behaviour

Customers make purchasing decisions based on images. According to a study, 59% of customers spend more time on their cell phones when looking at products on Amazon, and 41% of them buy something. On the other hand, 15% of customers spend time on their desktops looking at products, and 85% of them successfully purchase an item.

Mobile "window shopping" is convenient because it allows customers to do it wherever they want. One common behavior of customers is to save any products they like while viewing them on mobile, and then review them on a desktop to get a better view before making a purchase decision.

Providing high-quality, high-resolution images is not the only factor you need to consider as a seller when uploading Amazon product images. Strategizing the user experience on how your customers navigate through your store to view your products, is the basis for their purchase decisions. One of the strategies used is by adding texts to the images without compromising their quality.

Product Infographics, use of text on images

Text on images allows your customers to get a brief product description as they browse through the product gallery. Product descriptions in the description are mainly used for SEO purposes and to get a higher ranking on the Amazon results page. When you combine high-quality images with texts and SEO-based product descriptions, you increase the chances that your products will be seen.

Amazon Product Images

The new Amazon product image ratio can help customers view your products when they tilt their phones to the side. But how can this new image ratio requirement affect users when they view it from their desktops?

Amazon has different rules that you should follow as a seller to optimize your listings. The commonly used ratios are 1:1 for squared images and 1:1.3 for rectangular images. Here we have the new requirement of a horizontal image ratio of 1.3:1. When this new requirement is viewed from the phone, it will fully fit the wide frame of the phone . And once it is viewed from a desktop, images will look wider rather than taller. Knowing what is the best image ratio for mobile and desktop experience, will depend on the type of product photos that you will be doing and which category you will be selling.

Take away

As an agency, we advise you to design your store's appearance that suits mobile users, as the majority of potential buyers will browse your store from there. With the aim of optimizing conversions on your listings, it’s the cornerstone to showcase high-quality image

s that allows you to gain customer trust, educate and convince them to click on the buy now button. Considering a great percentage of sales are done through mobile, mobile-first design is key to conversion optimization.

SALTO provides you with high-quality images that follow Amazon’s product image guidelines. This is for your product to attract customers, increase your conversion rate, and increase your revenue. Want to learn more? Feel free to schedule a call with Corina and we can discuss what is the best image ratio for your product listing depending on the niche


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