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How to Design Amazon Images that Stand Out and Help Drive Sales

Updated: 6 days ago

Increase sales by creating high-quality Amazon images that stand out against your competitors.

Amazon Selling

When you sell on Amazon, you need to provide every single detail that your customer needs to know about your product. The goal is for him to click and scroll to your product page and then go to your Amazon listing to buy your product.

All of this is possible with the right Amazon image marketing strategy and the use of high-quality images. One of the many ways you can do this is by taking advantage of the features Amazon offers on its platform.

Amazon Image Marketing Strategy

If you are selling on Amazon for the first time, there are a few things you need to consider to optimize for conversion. Here are some tips to consider when building your Amazon image marketing strategy to make your life easier.

  1. User Experience - Get a brief listing overview and put yourself in your customer's shoes. How will your customer navigate through your listing? The majority of Amazon users come from mobile devices. Structure your listing and its images to meet the needs of mobile users so they can easily learn about your brand and the product you sell.

  2. Don’t promise, but deliver - Overpromising and not delivering can ruin a company's reputation. When you strategize your marketing campaign, highlight testimonials, and reviews to gain your customers' trust. If you are just starting out, use your media logos, highlight your product's warranty, and be transparent about your product's features. Always use a positive tone and allow your listing’s copy to reflect on your customers’ lives - this is one way to earn their trust.

  3. Be unique - Be creative and unique when it comes to designing your product and brand images/videos. The best way to get ideas is to do a benchmark Find out what your competitors are doing and do it better or do something different that will make your product stand out.

  4. Know your purpose - Selling with a purpose helps you build each campaign for your brand. Communicating this message to your customers in a bold and unique way will set your brand apart from the competition. Once your customers know your purpose, it's likely they'll want to be a part of it and continue to support your brand by buying your products.

  5. Tell a story - The best way to get your customers' attention is to tell a story. You have about three seconds to grab your customer's attention and emotions and get them to buy your product.

  6. High-quality images and videos - Visuals are the best way to tell a story. High-quality images and videos can make your product stand out and get more customers to click on your offer. When your product page is full of informative visuals, it increases customer engagement and imparts knowledge about your product.

  7. Provide useful information - Think ahead of your customers by providing answers to their potential questions about your product. When structuring your listing’s content, always provide useful information that your customer can benefit from. When your customer is done browsing, they will leave with the right amount of information about your product and brand without being overwhelmed.

  8. Plan your campaign - High-quality images and a simple product description are not enough to make your offer visible. Optimizing keywords relevant to your brand and product can help your marketing campaign. Careful strategic planning of your campaign with the help of SEO can boost the performance of your listing on the search results page and drive more traffic.

  9. Get your customers to convert - There are several types of gimmicks you can use to get your customers to convert. One of the most popular strategies is to set up a grid below the A+. Here you can showcase more about your product and everything related to it.

Attract your customers to purchase with these image creation tips:

The images in your store can influence or sway a customer's decision to buy. Engage your customers' attention by showing them high-quality, informative images. Here are some tips on how to increase your conversion rate using images:

  • Correct ratio and dimensions - We mentioned in our previous article the standard and new image ratios that store owners need to follow. They provide 1:1 square, 5:1 landscape, and 1:3:1 horizontal image ratios and orientations to fit each image to the store’s frame.

  • Image Quality - The best way to get high-quality images is to have them professionally shot by a product and lifestyle photographer. Show your product from different angles and showcase its features. You may need to adjust the brightness, color, and saturation of these images to keep up with your branding.

  • Images should fill at least 90% of the frame - Filling the frame with at least 90% of the product image with its props will give customers a good overview of your product.

  • A/B testing with images - Always test two main images so you know which image performs better and how well your customers interact with it. Once you know which image performs best, omit the other and develop the image that performs better and apply it to other similar products that you are selling.

  • White background - Always use a white background for your main product image. This will make your images look clean, highlight your product better, and give your customers a better view of your product.

  • Analyze your competitors' images - To find out what type of images work well, look at how your competitors photograph their products. Gather ideas from your competitors and build an image marketing strategy that can help your store outrank your competitors.


It's fun and can sometimes be overwhelming to make product images that stand out. Creating your Amazon image content takes patience and expertise to help your listing make consistent sales. When you upload these high-quality images, the main point is to gain your customers' trust so they can buy your products without hesitation. If you keep them engaged by telling a story through visuals and informing them about your brand, you increase your chances of getting them to buy your product.

At Salto, we offer services that can help your business outperform your competitors. From product photography to marketing to packaging. Upgrade and start strategizing for the future of your business. Contact us at for more information.

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