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Increase 15% sales with Amazon A+ EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Keep your customers coming back again and again with quality content.

Content marketing is essential for any business nowadays. It's where you can attract, educate and build interest of your potential clients toward your brand and products and ultimately convert customers and build their loyalty. Creating and strategically planning this content can help increase your listing’s credibility and gain your customers' trust. Amazon Content Marketing features a section called A+ Content or formerly EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) that you can use for your product listing. According to Amazon statistics, Amazon listings experience an increase of up to 15% after adding compelling A+ content pages.

What is A+ Content (EBC) content?

A+ Content or EBC, also known as Enhanced Brand Content, is a free feature for registered Amazon brands to add more images to the product pages. With this free feature, you can add more brand images to your Amazon product listing, gain visitors' trust and help them in their buying decision.

If you use high-quality images and add rich text content, your customers will trust your product listing more than if you just display product descriptions in plain text. Nowadays, people make their buying decisions based on what they see. To convince them to buy your product, present the images and content that will help sell it.

How to get Amazon Registered Brand?

Registering your brand protects you from counterfeit or imitation products offered on Amazon and other stores outside of Amazon. It protects your brand's reputation and gives your customers the assurance that they are buying from a genuine seller.

Here are some steps in order for you to get registered:

  • Prepare your brand name with an active or pending registered trademark.

  • Pictures of products and packaging with your store’s branding.

  • Trademark registration number from the Intellectual Property Office you applied from.

  • Different product categories that your brand is selling.

Placing a brand on your product is one of the most expensive expenses you need to prepare so that you can get access to the Enhanced Brand Content feature in your Amazon store. It will cost you roughly $1000 to have your trademark set up by an Amazon IP Accelerator and have your brand registered within 5 days.

How to add A+ Content / Enhanced Brand Content to your Product Listing?

After you register your brand, you will have access to the A+ Content Manager under the Advertising dropdown menu in your Seller Dashboard. From there, you can upload all the images and descriptions of your products and brands. The great thing about the Enhanced Brand Content feature is that you can customize and completely control the visual presentation of your content. You can play around and figure out which design works best for your store and for your visitors.

How to create Amazon A+ Content (EBC)

Put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask yourself "why". To make your EBC work, you need to add value to it so your customers know your product will help solve their problems. Highlight your product's features and benefits. Here are the best practices in creating your Amazon A+ EBC:

  • Highlight problem-solving features of your product

  • Main product benefit and unique selling proposition

  • Buying guide

  • Instructions for use or assembly

  • Other varieties of the product from your store

  • Lifestyle photos

  • Comparison charts

Extra tip: Strategically plan your content properly and include only important information. If you overwhelm your customers with information, your content may seem "too full" or cluttered. Always keep it short and simple.

Benefits of A+ Content (EBC)?

It does not take long to develop a strategy for your enhanced brand content, as long as you know your brand's main purpose and have the skill set required to put together a compelling and visually attractive page. If you are struggling with content creation, Salto Innovation can do everything for you so your business can take full advantage of A+ Content - EBC.

Here are the top benefits of adding A+ Content to your product listings

  • Provides more important product information that can help customers to understand better your offer and more likely to convert them.

  • Adds product legitimacy and builds trust

  • Buying guides and product instruction information will help you reduce products returns or refund requests from customers

  • Builds brand story which helps to engage and excite customers

Amazon claims that an increase in your conversion rate is likely if your store implements A+ Content EBC. Although this feature is not indexed by Amazon, it is highly indexed by other search engines such as Google. This can help with search engine optimization and improve your store's position on search engine results pages.

How can A+ Content EBC help your listing increase its conversion rate?

Your listing's appearance looks more professional as it showcases your brand and your product's problem-solving features. This is because an A+ Content EBC provides visual information about the product. Moreover, this feature can help improve your store's SEO performance.

Incorporating an SEO content strategy can help the search engine notice your Amazon store and potentially place it on the first page of search engine results. The content you provide or add to your product page can potentially answer a query from a person who has entered keywords on Google that lead to your store. This person can contribute to your high conversion rate as long as your content provides the solution to his/her problem.

Take away

Content is always the key to a better customer experience. It educates them and informs them about everything they need to know about your product. This helps build customer trust and legitimacy for your store. Amazon's Enhanced Brand Content can help you gain your customers' trust. Take advantage of this feature and use its potential to attract more customers to your store.

At Salto, we can help you strategize the best EBC that your store needs. Contact us at to get your content started.

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