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Your brand story is a way to share your journey and connect with people on a personal level,

giving you the chance to build trust & credibility with your customers

People resonate with people; the Amazon From the Brand is designed to help customers know you, trust you and return to you. At Salto, we will help you create a narrative that position your brand as relatable as we communicate the purpose of your brand and work to build a personal level connection with the shoppers.

See Our Work

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See What Works!

Brand Story BEFORE

Poor images

Only focus to sell

Only product images

No infographics

Too basic content

Nutrity after.png

Brand Story AFTER

Tell a Story

Good quality images

Focus on the brand an the vision of the company

Let space to show the products with benefits



Expert creatives for Amazon Brand Story

We have different packs that include the Amazon From the Brand, you can also request a solo Brand Story.

Clients that bear our mark ;)

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