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  • Why should we choose you as the ideal creative agency for our Amazon brand?
    We are consistent and specialized in what we do. We deliver exceptional designs to every brand that works with us and help your business sell more, with excellent turnaround time and friendly and close service.
  • Describe your approach to the listing optimization process
    We optimize your brand with strategically designed content; we do a lot of research, write creative SEO content, and create premium designs that results in highly effective listings that drive sales. To learn more about our creative process, check out our method here:
  • Show me the best content for Amazon listings you have designed
    See the following link with the most recent work:
  • Why listing optimization is necessary?
    Optimization is necessary to ensure your listing page is set for success and that include: Unique Selling Proposition Key benefits of your product or service Reviews Keywords Amazon Policy Compliance
  • How long would it take to complete a project assuming we have all the assets?
    Our turnaround for design projects is about TWO WEEKS. Generally speaking, the work timeline goes as follows: - Creative Call: we meet to talk about your brand and brainstorm - Our team works based on your brief, and we deliver the first draft in 1 week - Depending on your feedback, we will take another week to send a second version. - We’re ready to share the final files once the content is approved. Otherwise, a second round of revisions takes place.
  • Where do you get inspiration from?
    Our main inspiration comes from our passion for creative work that drives sales, we do competitive benchmarking to make sure we are creating a design that will stand out in the crowd of the product niche.
  • How is your design process?
    Read below our design process: Step 1 – Study the Brand Guidelines and Client Brief Step 2 – Research, Research, Research Step 3 – Brainstorm & Information Assessment Step 4 – Sketch (UX Wireframes and Content) Step 5 – Concept Development (UI Design/Graphic Design) Step 6 – Send High-Res Mockups for Revisions Step 7 – Completion and send high-res final files via Drive Sharing
  • What are your work hours? and which time zone?
    We’re a global team; our team is currently located in GMT +2 (Budapest), GMT-5 (Lima), and GMT-4 (Miami) so that we can work on-demand hours.
  • How much do you charge for your services? How much do you charge per hour?
    You'll find a different rate depending on the service you are requesting. You can expect a minimum of $350 rate for our services and an hourly rate of $80/h. We offer special pricing for service bundles and bulk orders. Request your customized quote here:
  • Can you handle upload to Amazon Seller Central for me?
    Yes, our design rate includes the content submission to Amazon, and we handle any potential edit request from them.
  • What is your previous experience with e-commerce?
    We're a marketing content specialist team for e-Commerce focused on Amazon. Happy to discuss our collaboration to help your Amazon brand
  • What are the key points you keep in mind when creating content for Amazon?
    We have a creative method that considers brand/product briefs, competitors' benchmarks, keywords research, wireframes, content marketing creation, and graphic design.


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