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Connecting with Consumers on a Higher Level: The New Amazon Brand Story Feature

Updated: Sep 28

With thousands of brands and products competing on Amazon, it’s not enough to have sexy packaging, hard-hitting claims, and appealing images anymore. In the cluttered world of advertising, consumers are increasingly looking for brands they can relate to and that tell a story. They want to know who they’re buying from, what the brand stands for (its values), and how the brand is unique from competitors.

The Amazon Brand Story Feature

Amazon has recently introduced a brand new feature that lets brands connect with consumers in a powerful way. The feature, called Brand Story, is available on the product listing page right above the A+ content section and allows registered sellers to create a scrollable carousel where they can tell their brand story, including its values, its mission, and the people (or company) behind the brand, and showcase their product portfolio. The new feature also allows sellers to link this section to their brand store and other product detail pages.

Providing a More Engaging Consumer Experience

The advantages of telling a story through branded content cannot be emphasized enough. Successful brands that aim to engage consumers through story-telling build trust, credibility, and a greater emotional connection with them, which ultimately leads to more sales and repeat purchases.

How Does It Work?

The Amazon Brand Story is an addition to A+ content and is available to sellers who are part of the Amazon brand registry program. Brand Story content can be added via the A+ Content Manager.

The Brand Story carousel appears directly below main product information on the product listing page and above the A+ content in a section called “From the Brand”. The advantage of the landscape carousel is that it takes up the width of the screen and enables sellers to include powerful, eye-catching images while allowing consumers to scroll through the brand cards.

There are a variety of modules that sellers can choose from to highlight their brand story, values, and mission, provide background about the company and its people, and showcase their products. Think of this feature as a landing page where consumers arrive to understand more about the brand and its products.

The Brand Story modules include the following:

· Brand Carousel Background– This is the landscape banner that contains the product cards and should include an eye-catching hero image (1,464 x 625 pixels) as a backdrop that can blend in with the product cards. A headline text of maximum 30 characters and body text of maximum 135 characters can be added.

· Brand Logo & Description – This module allows you to feature the brand logo and tell the brief story about your brand, including what it stands for, its mission, its core values, its strengths, commitment to the environment, and community programs, for example. The image size is 315 x 145 pixels and the body text character limit is 450 characters.

· Brand ASIN & Store Showcase – Here, you can display your 4 key products with images of the packs and a short headline. Because you can link to your Amazon Brand Store here, it’s advisable to include a call to action, such as “Shop all” or “Visit the store”.

· Brand Focus Image – You can get creative with this module and add an image of the people behind the brand, your complete product line-up, or any other visual that represents what your brand stands for. The image size is 362 x 453 pixels, and the character limit for the headline is 30 and 135 for the body text

· Brand Q&A – You can use this section to answer frequently asked questions about your brand or tell your brand story using Amazon’s 3 pre-set questions. The character limit is 750.

Some Tips to Get You Started

Amazon’s Brand Story feature can be a powerful tool to help you build a stronger emotional connection with consumers and boost your sales by telling your brand story, showcasing your key products, and providing answers to shoppers’ questions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you develop your Brand Story content:

1. Be relatable– Share your brand’s purpose and values while putting consumers at the center of your story. Give them a unique, compelling reason to purchase your products by highlighting the mission of the brand.

2. Keep copy brief and to the point – Focus on the key messages you want to convey and remember that most Amazon shoppers do their “window shopping” on their phones and tablets. You can always link to your Brand Store and consumers can find out more details about a specific product on the product listing page.

3. Use attention-grabbing imagery – Consumers these days prefer to look at images than to read long texts. A powerful, stunning image can do wonders to increase purchase intent and build credibility for your brand. Use high quality images and organize a professional photoshoot if needed.

4. Keep it clean – Consumers are already overwhelmed with information on an Amazon page. Keep this section clean and simple, and use eye-catching imagery to grab consumers’ attention.

Check out some of the brand story sections we created and get inspired!

Amazon Brand Story - Shiksona

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